• Headteacher’s Award Friday 15th September

    These children have been nominated this week for a Headteacher’s award.

    Aiden for amazing counting.
    Noah for being an excellent listener and kind friend.

    Year 1
    Oliver for being much more confident in class and working really hard.
    Anabelle for always being lovely.

    Year 2
    Eva for helping others and being a good friend.
    Cecily for tidying up so well.

    Year 3
    Evie for always being helpful.
    Zara for outstanding presentation.
    Olivia B for her enthusiasm.

    Year 4
    Sammy for being incredibly helpful and wonderfully enthusiastic.
    Heidi for beautifully presented Topic work.

    Year 5
    Harry W for being an exceptionally kind member of class whose smile and enthusiasm has been uplifting.
    Ellie for for being an absolute star – always on task and putting 100% into everything!
    Harry J for focusing so well and being a really big help.

    Year 6
    Tom W for the most fantastic start to year 6. Up to date with his work and a lovely boy.
    Noa for excellent effort in her WW2 Topic homework
    Madeleine for beautiful Topic work and being an excellent role model.

    Luke B for being such a good friend to one of the Foundation children.

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