• Headteacher’s Award – Friday 6th October 2017

    These children have been nominated this week for a Headteacher’s award.

    Orla-Lily for sitting beautifully on the carpet.
    Cerinda for being brilliant at tidying up.

    Year 1
    Amelia for always tidying up and helping me around the classroom.
    Grace for always trying her best and being kind and helpful.

    Year 2
    Finn for working really hard on his ‘troll’ story. Excellent effort.
    Emlyn and Alex for being incredibly kind and caring with the new girls.

    Year 3
    Paul for his incredible kindness.
    Harry for always working hard.
    Faye for quietly working to the best of her ability.
    Harry B for great improvement in attitude and working SO hard.

    Year 4
    Rachel for being a really good friend
    Ashton for being incredibly kind and helpful, always being ready to learn and constantly trying his very best.

    Year 5
    Nancy for being so helpful to her friends.
    Evan for his enthusiasm in his Mr Men writing.
    Cerys for her growing confidence when speaking in front of people.
    Maddy for being very helpful in class.
    Kieran for tidying and cleaning tables in the hall – of his own accord!

    Year 6
    Ella for working really hard in all lessons and excellent behaviour.
    Thomas S for working so hard in everything.
    Jack for such enthusiasm for everything we do!

    Josh and Kieran for being so kind to the Foundation children and looking after them when they were upset.

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