• Headteacher’s Award Friday 24th November

    These children have been nominated this week for a Headteacher’s award.

    Noah for brilliant sentence writing.
    Naomi for amazing progress in Maths.
    Joey for amazing sentence writing.
    Aaron for huge improvement in his number work.

    Year 1
    Iona for working hard and being a great friend
    Ava for being a very kind friend to Zara

    Year 2
    Rishi for being brilliant in Rainbow Times Tables.
    Vihaan for always trying his best and for being so helpful to adults.

    Year 3
    Louis and Joanne for consistently outstanding work and great participation!
    Sam for enthusiasm in English.

    Year 4
    Nikita for trying really hard in all lessons and great participation.
    Martha for being kind to her friends and having more confidence in class.

    Year 5
    Lennon for fantastic work in Rainbow Maths – improving twice in a row!
    Alexander for being excellent at working with others.
    Summer for always being helpful.

    Year 6
    Isla Ma for working hard in every lesson and always being helpful.
    Emily for always working hard.
    Josh McD for working SO well in assessments this week.

    Eva and Freya T for being so kind, caring and helpful.

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