• Headteacher’s Award Friday 15th December

    These children have been nominated this week for a Headteacher’s award.

    Charlie for amazing writing in his Christmas card.
    Marios for brilliant progress with his reading.

    Year 1
    Greta for amazing Christmas art work.
    William for his amazing knowledge of castles.

    Year 2
    Natalie for always being amazingly helpful.
    Sanila for always working hard and doing really well in the school play.

    Year 3
    Laura for always working hard in everything!
    Aidan for outstanding improvement in reading and confidence.

    Year 4
    Romy for being really helpful and cleaning up after art.
    Saba for being very helpful after art.

    Year 5
    Theo for always working SO hard in every subject and being an asset to the class.
    Connie for working hard on her times tables and moving up a level this week.
    Mia for being very helpful (lots of cleaning up!) and being so kind.

    Year 6
    Savannah for always being so smiley and incredibly kind and helpful – a superstar!
    Max for always trying hard in everything.
    Olivia for her excellent topic work and always doing her best.

    Rosie for being helpful and kind to the Foundation children.

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