• Headteacher’s Award Friday 23rd February

    These children have been nominated this week for a Headteacher’s award.

    Evan for always trying his best and with a smile!
    Zoona for working really hard this week and her amazing independent writing.

    Year 1
    Ariana fro coming in so nicely in the mornings and always being really kind.
    Sriram for brilliant measuring in maths.

    Year 2
    Skye for always trying her best and just being wonderful.
    Daniyah for being really helpful around the classroom.

    Year 3
    Ellis for enthusiasm for reading and life and being kind.
    Olivia for great enthusiasm in reading.

    Year 4
    Saleh for excellent improvement in behaviour.
    Thomas for trying exceptionally hard in class.

    Year 5
    Kieran for his positivity and enthusiasm in the classroom and for being very kind too.
    Olivia for always having a fantastic attitude and for great effort in all lessons.
    Tom for reaching Times Tables Champion Level 8! Super Mathematician!

    Year 6
    Seth for excellent progress with his times tables and working hard in Maths Booster.
    Thea fro excellent effort in writing her non-chronological report.
    Juliette for having such a great attitude in Maths.

    Matthew for helping the adults with tea preparation and being kind.

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