• Headteacher’s Award Friday 16th March

    These children have been nominated this week for a Headteacher’s award.

    Shivam for brilliant adding by counting on a number line and improved confidence.
    Sophia for being more talkative and always trying her best.

    Year 1
    Lily for always working hard and writing a lovely story at home.
    Shauntai and Murshid for working so hard in all their assessments.

    Year 2
    Natalie for always working hard and having great ideas.
    Lula for always trying her best in everything she does.

    Year 3
    Luke for a great topic presentation.
    Evan for his kindness.

    Year 4
    Sophie for excellent writing and Jasrah for being kind to younger children.
    Aaron and Charlie for working so hard this week.

    Year 5
    Nicole for working so hard to catch up on assessments.
    Florence for super work in Maths and English and for showing a fantastic attitude to learning. lessons.
    Jazmine for being helpful, kind and having a super attitude to work all week.

    Year 6
    Izzy for working so hard in all her assessments all week.
    Harry and Toby for their incredible Jamaican topic project! They made a working bobsleigh they can both sit it – wow!!
    Arun for talking to his classmates and adults more and more.

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