• Monsters in the school!

    Hello everyone, there have been sightings of monsters in the school!!! Because we have moved to a new version of Windows 10 we have been playing with the new tools during Digital Leader sessions. Last week our task was to model monsters that attacked the school in Paint 3d. The monsters are all made by a Digital Leader that has sighted a monster. Our creations were helped out by the Remix 3d section as it has supplied us with models and ideas that we could use from more skilled modelers (who sometimes use more complicated 3d modeling programs). As a result of this the Digital Leaders have made some very interesting monsters that were said to have attacked the school. Below you will find some of our monsters.

    Blog post written by Beni, Year 6




    A worrying (and worried-looking) slime monster by Beni

    Harry's monster

    A swirly dog-mog thing by Harry

    This yellow peril looks familiar

    Beth’s yellow peril monster looks strangely familiar

    A worrying monster

    Max created a ‘diaper monster’ with a few problems!

    What is a Dewae? Well it's like this...

    Jack made a bizarre looking Dewae.



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