• Headteacher’s Award Friday 27th April

    These children have been nominated this week for a Headteacher’s award.

    Kailen for amazing Maths and great explanations.
    Sophie for brilliant writing in her caterpillar diary.

    Year 1
    William F for excellent writing this week and always being a good friend.
    Lois for brilliant story writing and excellent manners.

    Year 2
    Milo for having such a determined attitude in class all week.
    Ishaan for excellent Maths work and for working hard in all lessons.

    Year 3
    Elliot for outstanding improvement.
    Malika for always working to the best of her ability.
    Revanth for lovely enthusiasm and always working hard.

    Year 4
    Lucas for always working hard.
    Ben for trying exceptionally hard in all lessons and for always having a smile on his face.

    Year 5
    Ellie for always working hard and being a pleasure to have in class.
    Harry for really challenging himself in Maths this week.
    Mickey for a super introduction to his balanced argument.
    Izzy for being conscientious, upbeat and kind to others.

    Year 6
    Nula for her improved attitude towards Maths this week.
    Jacob for his excellent arithmetic score this week and trying really hard in lessons.
    Eloise for good work with her times tables.
    Henry for his great attitude in Maths.

    Brooke for being so kind and caring towards the younger children.

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