• Headteacher’s Maths Super Stars Friday 8th June

    These children received the Maths Super Stars Award.

    Jasmin for her fantastic explanations of measurement in Maths.
    Elody for constantly being enthusiastic and always challenging herself!

    Year 1
    Leila for always working hard and contributing in lessons.
    Shauntai for always being enthusiastic in Maths and for improving her understanding of number and the number system.

    Year 2
    Oscar for constant enthusiasm and love of the subject. He always challenges himself and tries his best.
    Matt for fantastic progress in Maths this year and challenging himself.

    Year 3
    Thomas for fantastic enthusiasm and exploration in Maths.
    Rhita for always working hard and for her brilliant progress in Maths.

    Year 4
    Ben for fabulous progress, amazing perseverance and positivity in the form of challenges.
    Charlie for excellent times tables, great progress and always working hard in every lesson.

    Year 5
    Ava for having such great focus and perseverance even when it is really challenging.
    Jacob for always going the extra mile in Maths, for fantastic problem solving and enthusiasm when explaining to his peers.
    Brooke brings a positive vibe! Super arithmetic, lots of enjoyment and good mental recall.

    Year 6
    Henry for persevering when he finds it tough and working his socks off in preparation for SATs
    Madeleine for making outstanding progress this year. She’s worked incredibly hard and achieved great results.
    Patrick works hard in Maths in every lesson. Amazing progress in his rainbow times tables.


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