Weekly Activities

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Here you will find regularly updated activities which revolve around reading for pleasure.

Activity for Week 3 (4th to 10th May)

We hope you've been enjoying your reading this week! We'd like you to have a think about one of the characters in your latest book. Did any one of them stand out to you, or make you wish you knew more about them? Are there any that you particularly liked or would prefer to never meet in real life?!

We'd like you to produce a wanted poster about a character. It could be a well or little known character. The one we've done is Perfect Peter from the Horrid Henry series. We didn't like how whiney he is away from adults!

Draw your character and give reasons why they are 'Wanted'. Perhaps for dangerous reasons? Perhaps they broke into a house? Or perhaps you'd love to meet them and you can list your reasons why they are great.

Send in your entries to libraryteachers@emmergreen.reading.sch.uk
We would love to see what you've done!


Term 5 Week 1-2

For this week, we’d love you to think about where would be the most magical, idyllic and relaxing place to read? If you could create it, where in the world would it be and how would you house your many books? We would love to see images of this, created either by drawing it or by designing it in your house!

Photos or drawings can be emailed in to libraryteachers@emmergreen.reading.sch.uk. Remember to ask permission from an adult before sending this and use your parent or guardians email address. We’re looking forward to seeing your creations and will showcase some examples on our website!