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Sandy's Cooking Demonstrations

The children love cooking with Sandy and she has been missing cooking with you all! She has created some lovely recipes for you to follow, so take a look at these videos and maybe have a try cooking some of them at home.

Here is another recipe to make the most of the warm weather. Sandy is making a delicious tropical cheesecake.

With the lovely sunny weather, Sandy is preparing some barbeque-style food for you to watch and learn. Here she makes home-made burgers.

Sandy shows you how to cook her famous Tortilla Chips. It's an easy and fast recipe you may want to try at home!


It's time for Sandy to show us how we can make some "Easy-Peasy Fishcakes!"

Here Sandy shows you how to cook pizza. Yum!

Sandy's New Cookbook (#2)

Below is Sandy's new cookbook (Cookbook #2), or click here for a downloadable copy in PDF format.

If you would like the school to provide a printed copy, please let us know. There is no payment required, but a small donation to school funds would be gratefully received.

Sandy's Cookbook 2

Our original School Cook Book (#1)