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Weekly Updates for Parents

Dear Parents/Carers,

These are your weekly updates which tell you what we are covering each week in Literacy and Maths. Hopefully this will help you when thinking about what to cover if you have your children at home. We have also included an overview of the units that would be covered through the whole of the term in other subjects.

Within the separate web page for each week there is a 'master plan' document listed first - This document contains a summary of the work that is taking place during the week at school, and will also be emailed to you on Friday of the week before. Below the weekly plan on the weekly website page will be any supporting documents. These may be worksheets or activities, templates, tests and answer sheets or documents that provide further guidance or reading material.

Further down on this page underneath the weekly update links you can find links to resources categorised by subject area. Some of these may be specifically referenced within the weekly updates, and some of them are more generic resources suitable for your child in a subject or learning area. We may also include fun activities that we have identified that we think are suitable for this age group.

We hope these weekly updates will give you some more guidance as you work with your children at home. If you have any questions or queries, or have difficulty accessing any of the plans or documents then please do contact the teaching team on the email shown below.

Kindest regards,
The Foundation Stage Team


Links are below containing viewable versions of all the plans and supporting documents for each week. A web page is also available for anyone experiencing difficulties with the rich visual versions of the weekly pages.


*NEW* Term 5 and Term 6 - All Documents in easily downloadable format


Term 5 Week 1 Documents (20 April - 24 April)

Term 5 Week 2 Documents (27 April - 01 May)

Term 5 Week 3 Documents (04 May - 08 May)

Term 5 Week 4 Documents (11 May - 15 May)

Term 5 Week 5 Documents (18 May - 22 May)


*NEW* Term 5 and Term 6 - All Documents in easily downloadable format


Term 6 Week 1 Documents (01 June - 05 June)

Term 6 Week 2 Documents (08 June - 12 June)

Term 6 Week 3 Documents (15 June - 19 June)

Term 6 Week 4 Documents (22 June - 26 June)

Term 6 Week 5 Documents (29 June - 03 July)

Term 6 Week 6 Documents (06 July - 10 July)

Term 6 Week 7 Documents (13 July - 17 July)

Term 6 Week 8 and beyond (20 July)



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Subject Area Resources for children in Foundation


Phonics This site contains some great reading resources and online books. The site offers a few weeks of free access from your computer, or there is an app version available.




Phonics and Maths


Here is a word pack for Foundation Stage. The suggestion is that children can read all of the high frequency words in the pack and that they could then try spelling them too. The PDF view is embedded below but you can also download a Word copy here. If you download a copy you won't see the spellings using the same cursive fonts we use here at school, but your device should switch to a suitable alternative.

High Frequency Words phase 2-4


Below are some files for Foundation Stage that you are welcome to use. Please note that these are optional and may require you to print out on paper at home if you have the facilities.

FS 4-in-a-row Addition

FS Phase 3 Bingo

FS Phase 2 Bingo


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