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This is the page for applying to Emmer Green University. University Week is running in school on the afternoons of Tuesday 16th May to Thursday 18th May 2023. This event is for children in Years 3,4,5 & 6.

Online applications will be accepted from Wednesday 26th April at 6pm.

Your child has been shown the prospectus and application process in class, and a copy has been emailed home with your invitation letter. Both documents are also available in electronic (.pdf) format at the bottom of this page.

Please fill out the form with your name, class and your 5 course preferences in order (favourite course first).

Make sure you press the SUBMIT button when finished!

A few seconds after pressing submit, the page will confirm your form has been received. You can re-enter the form a second time later with different choices if you wish, but bear in mind that the courses are allocated on a first come, first served basis - a second submission with different course choices will lower your place in the queue when it comes to prioritising places.

Application form will appear here on Wednesday 26th April at 6pm.

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University applications for 2023 are now closed. Children will be given details of their allocated courses shortly. We will catch up individually with any children who have yet to make an application online so that we can discuss and capture their choices. Thank you! 

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Application form will appear here on Wednesday 26th April at 6pm.

After this time you may need to re-open your browser and/or this page to see the application form.

Downloadable course list (or scroll down to view in browser) >>> EGU Uni Week Course List 2023 <<<

Copy of the invitation letter >>> EGU Uni week letter 2023 <<<