Appointment Booking Form

To book an appointment, please fill out the form below. All fields are required.

The information submitted on the form is held on the Emmer Green website and will be cleared automatically after a brief retention period once the round of appointments has been completed.

When you have completed the 'Location' (your child's class), 'Service' (the type of appointment you want) and 'Worker' (name of the teacher) fields then the available days and time slots for that teacher will show up in the calendar. If appropriate, use the arrows above the calendar to move to a later month if that is where the appointment slots have been made available.

Once on the correct month, the available dates for the service you have picked will show up. Click on your preferred date and the remaining available time slots for that date will show. Click on a time slot and it will go green, and this will 'lock' your appointment (so no-one else can take the appointment while you are filling out the rest of the form). If you wish to click on a different time slot, refresh the web page and re-enter the 'Location', 'Service' and 'Worker' fields again - the calendar will be reloaded for you.

Complete the rest of the form and the the appointment will be confirmed a few seconds after you click on the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the page. You will automatically be sent an email from the system ("Wordpress" - these sometimes land in your spam/junk email folder). You will receive another email containing your Teams invitation from a member of staff, though this will be in the days leading up to your appointment rather than straight after this booking stage.



For a link to our data protection policies, click here.