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  • Breakfast Club

    We operate a Breakfast Club between 7.45am and 8.40am.  Children are able to have breakfast, play games and take part in activities before going to the playground as the rest of the children arrive at school. There are 60 places each day at the club and it is open to children from all year groups at a cost of £4.50 per day which includes breakfast.

    Mrs Dixon and Mrs Harbor who are both experienced staff will be running the club along with other members of staff helping out.  Breakfast Club will take place in the School Hall where breakfast will be served.

    If your child is offered a place at Breakfast Club on a particular day of the week, this will secure a place for your child on that day, every week until you give notice. You will be required to pay in advance for each short term (where the school year is split into 6 short terms) and we will require a short term’s notice if a place is to be given up.

    Please contact the school office for details or use this form to apply.




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