School Video Tour

In 2017 our team of Digital Leaders created a video tour for our website. Over 4-5 separate sessions they constructed the video you see below to show you our wonderful school.

  • First we had a session where we decided which areas should be included in the video and scripts were written for each part.
  • A familiarisation session introduced many of them to the Windows MovieMaker application and gave them some practice with video editing and dubbing/narration.
  • Filming then began, with the tricky task of trying to keep the video clips an appropriate length for the narration that was to follow (though we had a few tricks to cheat with this!)
  • Using their new-found video editing skills the Digital Leaders broke into groups and each group was charged with piecing together 6-7 pieces of video, followed by taking turns dubbing a narration track over the top of the original. Sometimes we replaced the background sounds, and sometimes mixed the narration levels to combine the two.
  • Finally the large segments of the video were joined together and all the joins smoothed out.


We hope you enjoy the video - We believe it captures the school atmosphere very well and we had a lot of fun making it. Can you tell?