School Video Tour

In 2023 our team of Digital Leaders from Years 4, 5 & 6 created a video tour for our website. Over 4-5 separate sessions they constructed the video you see below to show you our wonderful school.

  • First the Digital Leaders had a session where we decided which areas of the school we wanted to be included in the video.
  • Some test videos were taken and audio clips recorded, and we had a familiarisation session with our chosen video editing software to familiarise the Digital Leaders with the editing process.
  • The Digital Leaders broke into groups of four, and each group picked about ten areas of the school to focus on. They wrote scripts for each area and this helped understand what length of video was required for each segment.
  • They then took the videos trying to keep close to their predicted voiceover time. Sometimes we intended to replace the background sounds, and sometimes we wanted to mix the narration levels to combine the two.
  • We all took turns recording the scripts using voice recorder.
  • Using their new-found video editing skills, the task began of editing it all together, with the tricky task of aligning and trimming the different audio and video pieces together without overlap (though we had a few tricks to cheat with this!)
  • Some video effects and text were added to enhance the video, and finally the large segments of the video were joined together and processed into what you see below.

We hope you enjoy the video - We believe it captures the atmosphere of the school very well, and we had a lot of fun making it. Can you tell?