The Reading Corner

Welcome to the Reading Corner! At Emmer Green Primary School we aim to foster the love of reading in our children through engaging and inspirational texts. We believe that reading for pleasure is one of the most important tools a child could have for learning and we want to inspire children to become readers who choose to read for their own enjoyment.

Across this page you’ll find links to book recommendations from the teachers, reading activities, videos of book readings and more. Keep checking back for updates!

World Book Day - Extreme Reading photo competition


Thank you for all your photo entries, and the votes for your favourite extreme reading photos! Enjoy checking out the wonderful photos that have been submitted that have been posted around the school.

Book Readings

We love reading books here at Emmer Green. Below is the latest book reading from one of the staff at the school. There are many more videos available so click on this link to see the others that are available!

Link to our 'Book Reading Videos' page.

Miss Rogers reads chapters 11 & 12 of "Fantastic Mr Fox" by Roald Dahl.

( If you have missed any of the videos of our Year 3 teachers reading the earlier chapters in this book, click here to see them, as well as many other book readings by teachers and staff across the school.)


If you want to message any of the teachers about the videos, then you can send a message to the appropriate yearXteacher email address, or send a message to the library and reading team at team.

Your favourite song as a book?

Everyone has a favourite song, or two!  What’s yours?  Sometimes, you hear a song and it reminds you of somebody special.  And sometimes you imagine pictures to the lyrics.  Well, some picture book authors and illustrators have made books based on song lyrics.  One of my favourite songs, ‘When I Grow Up’ by Tim Minchin, has been illustrated into a beautiful book.

Footloose is one of Miss Buckett’s favourite songs ever!  Luckily for her, there is an amazing book based on the original song- watch reading (singing!) it here:

Can you make your favourite song into a book?  Perhaps pick a verse and illustrate it with the images that come into your head when you hear the song.  We’d love to see your creations, so please send them in to

Favourite Books

Do you want to know what some of the favourite books are of the teachers and staff? Take a look by following this link and you will see a selection of books that we love, and the reasons we love them so much!

Link to our 'Favourite Books' page.

Perhaps you could tell us about one or more of your own special favourite books? Send a message to our Reading Team at


Further Recommendations

As well as the books listed by staff within our 'Favourite Books' section, we have found that the "Love Reading for Schools" website has a wide list of recommendations for children of all ages. Please take a look through their lists and we expect you should be able to find some recommendations.

LoveReading4 Schools links:

Foundation Stage

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Early years - Reluctant Readers

Key Stage 1 - Reluctant Readers

Key Stage 2 - Reluctant Readers

Free Online Books

This website contains illustrated children’s stories.

Here you can find scanned in original copies of classic books.  They are beautiful to look at and read!

A catalogue of books from different countries.  Why don’t you read a book from every country you have visited or heard of?

An award winning website featuring actors reading children’s books.  Watch a few and decide what makes a wonderful story teller.

Free Kindle books.  An app can be downloaded on most phones and tablets to read these from.

Oxford Owl is a reading resource with content suitable for all Primary School year groups.

Audible have waived membership for children, with no need to a subscription or to sign in with an email address.

For details of our approach to reading, and how we promote and teach the joy of reading within the school, please follow this link.