Here you will find information specifically for Parents & Guardians

Absence Reporting

This page contains forms for absence reporting. This may be unexpected absence (child is unwell and cannot attend school that day), or for a planned absence in advance (such as an absence for an upcoming medical appointment).

Meeting Bookings

This takes you to the page with instructions and the online form for booking parents evening appointments, sessions with our Inclusion Team, etc.


Here is a link to our policies page.

Supporting Learning at Home

Information to help you support your child in their understanding of Phonics, Reading, Mathematics and Grammar.

Term Dates and Events calendar

All the important dates for your calendar.


Our letters page contains copies of class, year group, whole school or group-targetted letters (such as clubs, choirs, etc) that have been sent home. Many will be password-protected with the school letters password that you have been provided with as parents.

Special educational needs (SEN), accessibility and disability (inclusion)

Information about the implementation of our school's policy for pupils with SEN is updated regularly, and documents detailing this can be found listed in detail on our Inclusion page.

eSafety Information

A summary of how we approach eSafety in the school, along with a number of bulletins and articles that we believe may help you understand the devices and applications/games that your child may be using at home.


The newsletter page is an archive of our regular school bulletins.

Important Forms

Medication forms, school trip permission forms and other similar documents.

Breakfast Club and After-school Childcare ("Acorns")

Details of our wrap-around care services and how to book places with the school office.

School Dinner Menu

Information on our school lunchtime menus and how to book meals for your child.


This links to our wellbeing page, which includes wellbeing information, links and an archive of all our wellbeing newsletters.


Each week of each term the children are given a set of spellings to learn, which they are then tested on the following week. The spellings page contains those weekly lists so you can help your child practice at home.


News and information for parents and children regarding music activities and events.

Our Approach to Writing

How we teach our children to develop a genuine love of language and the written word.

Our Approach to Reading

How teaching is taught at the school, and how we encourage children to become accomplished and enthusiastic readers.

Reading for Pleasure

Details some of the ways we promote reading for pleasure across the school.

School Uniform

Details on our school uniform, ordering information and uniform policy.

Remote Learning Policy and Teams usage

This section of the website details how we use Microsoft Teams within the school, and includes a copy of our Remote Learning Policy.

Home School Agreement

How the school works in partnership with parents and children to ensure children have every opportunity to reach their full potential.


This page gives details on stationery we expect the children from each year group to have in school.

Therapeutic Approach to Behaviour

This page helps you gain an understanding of our behaviour policy and the Therapeutic Thinking approach.

Coronavirus Reopening Risk Assessment

Here is a link to the relevant page containing this mandatory document.

Information for New Parents

Information and guidance for parents of children entering the school in our Reception year group.