Important Forms

Link to Absence Reporting Page

Go here to report an unexpected absence (child illness, etc) or to request absence in advance.


OHA2 Central Form

Whenever your child is going off-site for a school trip or visit, your child’s centrally held OHA2 form is required and will be referred to for emergency contact details and medical information. Each year a new Central OHA2 form will be issued to parents in the September data pack which should be completed and returned for use during that academic year. If parental contact information or children’s medical details change throughout the year, please complete and return this form or contact the school office.


Medication to be administered in School Form

Sometimes children have prescribed medicine that is required to be administered in school. In these cases, this form should be completed and brought into school with the medicine, and should include full details as to when and how the medicine should be administered and stored.

School Stationery Packs

Please follow the link to see prices. Please email the school office at if you would like to order a pack or get prices for individual items.