Curriculum Intent

At Emmer Green Primary School, our intent is to provide a challenging, stimulating and creative curriculum.


Our curriculum is designed to: identify children’s prior learning; provide engaging learning experiences; encourage the children to develop interpersonal skills; build resilience and become innovative, critical thinkers.


We believe strongly in the importance of supporting the development of children’s communication and therefore provide a wealth of opportunities in collaborative work, public speaking, presenting and performance. At Emmer Green, the children gain both confidence and experience in these fields.


Learning is inspiring with a cross curriculum approach. Our aim is to ignite a thirst for knowledge. We believe this leads to the children initiating their own research and self-learning to gain a deeper understanding and expertise.


An emphasis on strength of community and inclusivity forms a collaborative learning environment, with teachers leading by example. Parents engage with their children’s learning and excellent parent –teacher interaction enhances this.


Children leave Emmer Green Primary with a strong sense of belonging to a caring community where they have gained the skills to make decisions, self-evaluate, interact effectively, and essentially become lifelong learners.


This is a link to our curriculum overview documents for each year group.