Welcome to the Inclusion page of our website.

For most enquiries, please contact your child's class teacher in the first instance. Following this, our Inclusion Managers can be contacted through the school office.

Our Inclusion Managers are:

  • Mrs Jen Wells - Reception and Key Stage 1
  • Mrs Katie Hughes - Key Stage 2
  • Mrs Heather Bhagalee - Whole school strategic/ EHCPs


SEN Policy (2023)

SEN Information Report and Local Offer (October 2023)

Reading Local Offer (Family Information Service)

Reading SEND Local Offer

Wave 1 Provision Map

EGPS Accessibility Plan 2023-26


Please have a look at the document below, which is an information postcard about Reading SEND Local Offer. The service has information about local support services, activities, short breaks and more. A link to the website is above.

SEND Local Offer Postcard