Reading at Home (Boom Reader)

Reading at Home

“Reading for pleasure is the single most important indicator of a child’s future success.” The Organisation for Economics Co-operation and Development 2002 “Children who are read only one book a day will hear about 290,000 more words by age 5 than those who don't regularly read books with a caregiver.” (OECD 2004).

At Emmer Green Primary School, one of our fundamental aims is to teach children how to read quickly so that they are able to enjoy reading for pleasure. It is so important that children read regularly at home at every stage. We strongly encourage parents to read both with and to their children. Ideally, children should read daily but we do ask that four times a week is treated as a minimum and this forms part of their homework. If you would like more information about how reading is taught and how reading for pleasure is encouraged at our school, please click here.


Boom Reader: Digital reading records

Boom Reader is a digital reading record that the school subscribes to at a cost. It allows your child’s reading to be recorded and tracked closely by teachers and parents. Children can also be motivated by receiving ‘gems’ as digital rewards for reading frequently. Older children in Year 5 & 6 are asked to take responsibility for logging their own reading twice a week (with parents logging the remaining two reads, having listened to their child).

Logon details for Boom Reader for your child are sent home in a letter (along with all the other electronic accounts that have been set up) at the start of the school year.

Please note that it is much easier to download and use the app, rather than logging into the website each time.

Please take a look through the presentation below, and also the Boom Reader Parents information page. If you encounter any issue with Boom Reader or have further questions, please contact Nicola Herbert via the school office.