Microsoft Teams at Emmer Green Primary

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We subscribe to a range of online services to support the learning at Emmer Green. The children have embraced and enjoyed Mathletics and ReadTheory, both of which are key to their learning both in the classroom and at home. We have been delighted with the children’s ability to be trained on school laptops and to transfer this training onto devices at home, and in 2020 we introduced the ‘Microsoft Teams’ platform widely for children in Years 3 - 6. Teams will also be used for children in Foundation Stage and the Infants, but with a different focus, and due to the nature of the platform it will not be used as a teaching tool within school.

Many of you will have heard of or used Teams as part of your job, helping you to stay in touch and continue working with your colleagues remotely. It has been a long-standing project within the school (since long before ‘Covid Times’) to implement Teams for the children as it has a large set of features aimed at use in the classroom, though for the younger children this is not something they would be expected to utilize with any degree of independence. To help parents with this, there is a video listed below that is specifically aimed at parents with children in our Reception classes or Year 1 and Year 2.

As well as using Teams in the Junior classrooms, we have also adopted it as a core component of our school Remote Learning plans for all years that come into action should any class bubble have to isolate at home, or in the possible event of any wider local or national lockdown.

This web page will act as a repository for information regarding Teams in the school. Further documents and policies regarding our approach to Remote Learning or school closures can be found in the main menu of this website. Another video displayed below is an introductory guide to Teams which closely follows the training that Years 3 to 6 have had in the classroom. This will also be a useful introduction for those parents who have not previously used Teams but will be supporting their children in using the platform.

This video is aimed at parents of children in Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 2.

This video is aimed at pupils in Years 3-6 and their parents.