This page will auto-fill with blogs created by the Digital Leaders. This is currently just a testing area for the Digital Leaders to create content while we get used to the blogging process, but are hoping to spread the use of blogging around the whole school!


This week in 5EH

By Digital Leader Keyaan | January 8, 2020

This week we’ve been working on our math skills and doing sequences and in English (the most boring subject) we’ve been doing grammar for dogs yet my creature is a Megalodon. Before the end of term the amazing digital leaders  decided to make a great game (rainbow rush) to raise money for the school and…

the big BASH

By Digital Leader Leavers (Archive) | January 8, 2020

================================================================================ Q. why do we live? A. because of the big (no not the big bang) bash. what is that you ask? it was when the earth bashed into the mercury whitch caused a chain reacshin and then uranus got angry and beat up the earth which caused lots of bacteria to come together whitch…


By Digital Leader Milo | January 8, 2020

Today we had a visitor come in and spoke about a spy club. and the spy club does laser tag and nerf  gun wars and cook marshmallows and improving your skills with nerf guns.  

Digital Leaders today

By Mr Bryant | October 16, 2019

Today, the Digital Leaders will be doing class blogs. They will log on to the website, and create a blog saying in a few sentences what they have done in class this week. After half-term we will be helping to write blogs for all of the other classes right the way up from Foundation (Digital…

6CG this week

By Digital Leader Leavers (Archive) | May 13, 2019

This week in 6CG it has been hectic, everyone preparing for SATS next week. After having a fun packed time doing our university courses (read another blog to find out more about them) it’s now time to settle down and prepare for the biggest tests of our lives so far. At 8:15 all next week-…

Digital Leaders

By Digital Leader Leavers (Archive) | May 8, 2019

Fun and fun is the only way to describe it. We can do all sorts of things like play scratch and make power points we have great fun. FUN FUN FUN.


By Digital Leader Leavers (Archive) | May 8, 2019

this week we did fun activities including orienteering we went on a MEGA treasure hunt hunt! Mrs Ashton was a fabulous teacher in this event.  

University week

By Digital Leader Keyaan | May 8, 2019

This university week I did orienteering and yesterday we hid objects around are field and we found them using maps.Today are teacher made us maps and we are going to find the objects hidden around the fields.but I don’t no what we are doing on Thursday I hope we are doing something good.

sweet disappointment

By Digital Leader Leavers (Archive) | May 8, 2019

Mr Bryant promised us sweets but ate then all! So we begged him SO hard he ran all the way to Budgens as fast as he could (which isn’t very fast)! That’s the way to do it  

Keep Calm And Relax

By Digital Leader Hannah | May 8, 2019

This week is University Week! The  old courses are back as well as some new ones! There is: Perfect pottery Crafting with knots Cupcake decorating Chocolate heaven Rugby world cup Be an Olympian Keep calm and relax Musical theater Child development Forensics Orienteering Gap year cooking The one we will be looking at is ‘Keep…