Year 2 Maths Workshop Presentation

The slides below are from our recent Maths Workshop that many of our Year 2 parents attended. Below the presentation are the Mathematics KS1 SATS papers from 2017 - one exam paper for Maths arithmetic (pure mathematics), and one Maths reasoning exam paper (Maths questions applied to real world situations). For the arithmetic paper we also have an answer sheet which shows the working and methods that we use in school to teach each of the mathematical concepts.

Mathematics Arithmetic Paper

KS1 2017 Mathematics Arithmetic Paper

Mathematics Reasoning Paper

KS1 2017 Mathematics Reasoning Paper

Below are the answer sheets, along with the working and methods that should be used for the arithmetic paper.

Arithmetic paper - answers and methods

KS1 2017 Mathematics Arithmetic Paper - Answers and Methods

Mark scheme (answer sheet) for all papers

KS1 2017 Mathematics Arithmetic and Reasoning Mark Schemes