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    Our Curriculum

    At Emmer Green Primary School, we provide a curriculum which is exciting, creative and challenging. We engage all children in learning through an inspiring and cross curricular approach to our teaching.

    In September 2014, a statutory new curriculum was introduced to non-academy schools in England. All pupils are now learning the new curriculum across all subject areas. This change has presented us with both the freedom and opportunity to create interesting lessons through the objectives set in the new curriculum.

    As before, core subjects such as Literacy and Mathematics are taught daily to the children using a variety of methods to ensure all learning styles and abilities are catered for. In addition to this, we have themed weeks and days which aim to inspire the children further in these areas by putting what they learn into context. For example, some past themes have included, for Literacy, Poet Idol and Superheroes.

    Science is taught practically where possible. In science, children learn to explore, explain and understand the world in which they live. Great emphasis is placed on caring for and protecting the environment. Good use of the school grounds is made to reinforce such learning.

    Computing plays an integral part of the learning programme here at Emmer Green. The children are encouraged to use IT in all subject areas of the school curriculum to enhance their learning, and they are also taught computing in designated lessons where IT skills and concepts are taught and practiced. Our approach to computing is based around learning through experiment, discussion and doing, with much opportunity for interactive and collaborative work. This helps the pupils to understand the benefits and appropriate uses of computing, and to develop the flexible and appropriate digital literacy and logical thinking skills they require as they progress through their primary years and beyond.

    Foundation subjects are taught throughout the week in a number of different ways. One such approach is topic based, where children learn about a topic such as ‘The Vikings’ in subject areas such as History, Art, and Design and Technology. Some topics are also supported by an inspirational dress up day, where drama is used to relive historical experiences and create a buzz around learning.

    We have specialist teachers in school for the subject areas of French, Music and Cookery, as we feel this expertise benefits the children.

    In Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 the children have lessons with our French teacher. This consistent approach ensures good progression and preparation for their secondary language education.

    Our Cookery teacher leads small groups in preparing and cooking a range of foods to share with the rest of the class. The complexity of the food they cook increases as they progress through the school. The Foundation stage start with simple baking but by the end of Year 6 the children design and cook a three course meal for a teacher.

    We are also very proud of the Music we offer at Emmer Green, as well as having a dedicated music teacher and we offer a range of opportunities to learn an instrument and sing in a choir. We also have a school orchestra.

    When it comes to teaching PE, every teacher ensures they are delivering enthusiastic and engaging lessons that every child is able to take part in. In addition, swimming lessons are given to Year 4 children which is a key life skill for them to learn.

    Emmer Green Primary School takes huge pride in all of the sporting competitions that we take part in, whether that is competitive tournaments, festivals or even just friendly matches with other schools. Although most competitions are available for children when they reach Year 6, we try to give children from other year groups the opportunity to compete for Emmer Green when there is the opportunity to do so.
    More detailed information by year group and subject can be found in our  curriculum planners.

    Please see National Curriculum for more details of the Government National Curriculum.

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