At the beginning of the year, parents are provided with a bookmark which has questions to check their child’s understanding of what they are reading and to support in developing comprehension skills.

Click on the links below to see these bookmarks.

Reading at Home bookmark for Reception Year

Reading at Home bookmark for Year 1

Reading at Home bookmark for Year 2

Reading at Home bookmark for Year 3

Reading at Home bookmark for Year 4

Reading at Home bookmark for Year 5

Reading at Home bookmark for Year 6

When children have completed the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds reading books and fluency assessment (typically by the end of Year 1), they move onto book band colours, beginning at Purple, which then continue through to Year 6. Here is the progression of the book band colours from Purple upwards and a general guide of age expected level (EXS). Please remember that all children progress at their own rates though and reading widely and very regularly is important.

Chart showing book band progression across primary years

Children are assessed using the PM Benchmarking scheme until they reach infant Silver  band (this equates to junior Brown band); this ensures children progress onto the next band of reading books when they are ready and can comprehend, as well as decode the texts.

Children’s progress in reading is reviewed by their teacher on a regular basis and book bands changed to reflect this progress.  Teachers listen to children read during whole class reading and other curriculum subjects to assess fluency, prosody and pace, as well as one-to-one where needed. Alongside this, children in KS2 complete summative assessments three times a year and these results are analysed to set individual reading targets for each child.