Internet Legends Trophy Competition

Internet Legends Trophy Competition – March 26th 2021

Dear parents of children in Years 3 -6.

Over the last couple of days the children have been told about an exciting eSafety competition we are running. We use the ‘Interland’ games in Juniors as part of our eSafety familiarisation, and have managed to get hold of some lovely ‘build-your-own’ trophies of one of the main characters, “Legend.”picture of Internet Legend trophy

The children really enjoy playing these high-quality games that contain important eSafety messages, and are very excited having seen the trophies! There are 4 sub-games to choose from (each of which is based around a different aspect of eSafety – privacy, kindness, security, etc) and at the end of each segment the child is given a PDF certificate showing completion. If a child can show us proof of all 4 certificates then they will win one of these wonderful trophies. If there is no printer available at home, then we will also accept photos of the certificates on screen, or receipt of the PDFs that are created.

Here’s a link to Interland , or perform a web search for “Interland esafety”. The ‘Internet Legends’ programme is created by Google and the UK-based ParentZone eSafety website.

Sadly we do not have sufficient trophies to cover all children (100 trophies among the ~240 children in these year groups) so this competition is on a first come first served basis, based on when we receive the child’s submission. Children have been asked to submit photos (or the PDFs) of their certificates back into their class Teams channels, or they can bring in the paper certificates, or you can email direct to the office.

We realise that not all children will want to play the games or may not have access at home. If your child would prefer to create a piece of work to show they have been thinking about eSafety and staying safe online then we would be happy to receive these; presentations, digital or paper art, posters, important eSafety points written down on paper or a Word document, etc.

Many thanks

Mr Bryant